Scenic Spots
Limu Bridge Scenic Area
Limu Bridge Scenic Area It has the reputation of "Millennium long drought, continuous rain and green water for thousands of years". Starting from the Forest Hotel, the altitude is between 680-960 meters, and the total distance is 1.7 kilometers. The space stretches along the stream, wide or narrow, large or small. The beauty of the entire scenic spot lies in a stream with Longquan Creek as the center line. Strange peaks and rocks, flowing springs and waterfalls can be seen everywhere. Longquan Xi is like a blue silk scarf, and like a floating ribbon, it brings beauty to the extreme! So what kind of scenic spot is Limu Bridge? What kind of stream is Longquan Creek? Let us uncover its mystery with doubts!

Honglian Temple Scenic Area
It used to be the religious and cultural dissemination center of the central and southern regions. The park has There are six large temple sites including Honglian Temple, Guzhuzhuang Temple, Chenzhenren Temple, Zhongdaxianren Temple, Baimian General Temple, and Seven Star Ancient Temple. In particular, the two large Buddhist temples, Guzhuzhuang Temple and Honglian Temple, were created by the descendants of the Buddha Dragon Tree and have important historical significance. Honglian Temple, also known as Yuquan Temple, was built in the Tang Dynasty, expanded in the Song Dynasty, and abandoned during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. According to legend, the temple is magnificent, covering an area of 1 hectare, with more than 100 monks. The incense in the temple flourishes in all seasons. Hundreds of people visit to burn incense and worship Buddha every day. It turned out to be the largest Buddhist holy land and cultural dissemination center in Central South China.
Qixingling Scenic Area

Dawei Mountain has Qixing Peak as the highest peak, with an elevation of 1608 meters. The north and south sides of Qixing Peak are the source of Liuyang River. Within 1,200 meters above sea level, the peaks gradually merge into a rounded belt that is wide in the west and narrow in the east and about 17 kilometers in length. Moss, shrub and grassland, inlaid with 13 marsh lakes such as Yuquan and Tianxing. According to ancient times, the queen mother of the sky had seven daughters, all of whom were born caring for the quality of benefits. The beautiful water is so beautiful, and my heart is full of infinite yearning like a deer. Especially when I see Dawei Mountain, I can see the beautiful and graceful peaks, the ancient woods, and the magnificent. I hate that I can fly to play. One day, they stole the Temple of Heaven and flew down on Dawei Mountain. Birds sang around them, moose danced around them, and springs played piano at their feet. They played in the forest and grass, and felt something like never before. Happy, they jumped into the lake to take a bath. After the bathing in the lake, they became more beautiful one by one. After the bath, they lay on the grass, untie the ribbons on their bodies and throw them around, as if they were being scattered. The sky is full of flowers and rain. Suddenly, the mountains were full of colorful flowers, and this is now the sea of alpine rhododendrons with tens of thousands of acres. Later, the seven fairies wanted to return to the Tiangong, and one left a hosta as a souvenir. Since then, there have been hundreds of rhododendrons in Dawei Mountain, including rivers, yellows, white purples, and greens. People say that the seven boulders are the seven fairies. The hairpin turned into is called "Seven Stars Looking at the Moon", the mountain is also called the "Seven Star Peak", and the lake where the fairy once took a bath is also called the "Tianxing Lake."

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